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    Zhenjiang Zhicheng Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of radio frequency coaxial linkers, and enjoys a high status among consumers. The company has established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with many retailers and agents. The company distributes electric automation and peripheral products with complete varieties and reasonable prices. The company has strong strength, high credit, abide by contracts, ensure product quality, and win the trust of customers with the principle of multi-variety management characteristics and small profits and more sales. The company is a professional manufacturer engaged in the production and development of radio frequency coaxial linker products; the main products are explosion-proof full plastic, explosion-proof start-up box, explosion-proof distribution box, explosion-proof non-standard distribution box, explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof full plastic button, operation switchgear, lighting switch, indicator lamp, master controller and other products.

  • The company adheres to the management concept of "integrity-based, quality-based" and has complete testing means and perfect process equipment. From manufacturing and assembly processes, it has formed a one-stop system of product development, research and production. It mainly undertakes the design and manufacture of various non-standard explosion-proof control cabinets and automatic control instrument boxes. The company adopts industry international standards, and the products have obtained the explosion-proof certificate of the designated national inspection authority. Users have spread to major oil fields, chemical industry, medicine, military industry, industrial and mining enterprises all over the country. Excellent product performance has been unanimously recognized by users. Willing to provide users with technical advice, on-site commissioning, special product manufacturing and other services. Zhenjiang Zhicheng Electronics Co., Ltd. now specializes in the explosion-proof control box of reaction kettle for chemical and paint industries, all proceeding from the safety of customers, so that customers can use it more assuredly. This kind of product has received the attention of Qingyang paint machinery and equipment manufacturers, and has indeed received the strong support of customers!Zhenjiang Zhicheng Electronics Co., Ltd. starts from the customer itself and serves the customer wholeheartedly.

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