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Fraenkische will continue to expand international plastic pipeline business

Date:2019/7/19 16:44:34    Author:Zhenjiang Zhicheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

Fraenkische, a large German plastic pipeline manufacturer, has announced that it will invest 5 million US dollars (3.2 million Euros) to expand the production scale of its South Carolina subsidiary in order to gain more market share in North America.

It is reported that the investment is mainly used for the expansion of plant area. Fraenkische said the company's North American "base" Anderson plant would cover an additional 20,000 square feet.

Claire Overton-Green, manager of Fraenkische North American Regional Business, said: "When the new plant is completed, we will have enough space to store production equipment. Thereafter, the company will introduce some advanced production facilities (such as thermoforming machine, extrusion production line and assembly table) to expand the capacity of the factory.

In a statement issued by Fraenkische, Anderson was founded in 2003 and is the company's first overseas production base for plastic pipes, mainly responsible for the production of plastic threaded pipes and automotive plastic parts.

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