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European Union of Industries launched a call for waste food to be converted into plastics

Date:2019/7/19 16:44:34    Author:Zhenjiang Zhicheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

Recently, the European Industrial Union launched a campaign called "Reuse of Waste Food". The campaign aims to increase the publicity of secondary utilization of waste food such as oil and animal glue. The alliance says waste food, especially edible oils, is a valuable plastic raw material that can be used in plastic production after special processing.

Although gutter oil is harmful to human body, it is really an excellent plastic raw material.

To support the campaign, Food Drink Europe, the European food giant, jointly signed a declaration with other food producers in an effort to reduce the amount of food waste in Europe by 50% by the end of 2020.

Turning food waste into treasure is a challenging task. In addition to the self-discipline of relevant industries, it also needs the active cooperation of the general public. Therefore, the European Industrial Union appealed to the public to encourage them to develop good habits of waste sorting.

It is reported that in the next few years, in addition to feeding animals, waste food in Europe will be transported to plastic processing plants in order to realize its secondary utilization value.

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