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The global titanium dioxide industry still has the potential to further improve

Date:2019/7/19 16:44:34    Author:Zhenjiang Zhicheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

With the increasing integration of the global titanium dioxide industry and the rising economy of emerging countries, the demand for titanium dioxide will continue to grow. As a country with more export emerging economies, China is also the largest producer of titanium dioxide in the world.

China's titanium dioxide exports are relatively scattered. Take 2011 as an example: Turkey accounts for only 9% of the total exports. Among the top 12 countries, most of them are emerging economies, accounting for about 40% of the total exports. There is still potential for further improvement in the future.

Through market research, we believe that the output of titanium dioxide industry in China will continue to grow at a certain rate in the future. In 2013, the output will surpass 2 million tons. By the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the output will reach 2.5 million tons. If the global economy enters the boom cycle in 2014, the output of China will reach 2.8 million tons by 2015. About.

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